Pace Team

Running and staying on pace is hard. It’s hard the first time, it’s hard every time!  The Fort2Base Race supports all sorts of runners and walkers participating in the 10 Nautical Mile event, from beginner to hard core.  Hook up with one of our experienced pace leaders to help get you to the finish line happy and healthy!  Joining the pace team is free and open to all 10 Nautical Mile Participants.  Pace leaders will supports athletes from a 6:30 per mile pace to a 16:00 per mile pace and every 30 seconds in between.  Pacers will be lined up in the start corral by 6:45am so you can ask questions about their strategy and make sure you find the right fit!

Interested in becoming a pacer for the Fort2Base Race 10 nautical mile event? Please contact Beth Salinger –

*Please include your: First name, last name, email address, phone number, experience pacing (number of events etc.) and your desired race pace (7 minute/mile-16 minute/mile in 30 second increments).